October Featured Pet – Franklin and Daisy

Franklin and Daisy are new siblings. Daisy joined the family earlier this year after Franklin’s beautiful brother Toto (17 years old) passed away. Daisy has helped to fill the void left by Toto and she just loves her older brother.CreatureFocus_Logo frame copy

Franklin and Daisy both love to play and the best time of day to do that is just before bed time of course. They also love to go for walks and hang out with Mum and Dad. They also have their individual loves, Franklin loves to have a chat, while Daisy thinks that eating a sock in its entirety is the greatest past time. And while Daisy is the crazy child of the family, Franklin is the more nervous of the two and is afraid to jump up on the couch, often crying until he is picked up and put there!

For Mum Karleen and Dad Ryan, Franklin and Daisy are wonderful companions “Franklin is the most well behaved dog and Daisy brings some excitement to our lives and gives Franklin some energy”, says Karleen.

Posted on October 9, 2013

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Photographing shy dogs

Occasionally I get a dog in my studio that is camera shy. By that I mean that when I lift my camera up in front of my face they turn or duck away. This was the case recently with a beautiful Kelpie, Taylor.

Taylor and her kelpie cross brother Jett come into the studio to have their photo taken together and with Mum and Dad. Jett was very happy to pose for the camera and gave me his best zoolander faces time and time again. However Taylor was very shy of the camera and every time I lifted the camera up she would walk away. Her owner, Melissa, said that she also did this at home.Jett & Taylor

At the top of my list of things to do to try and get a nice shot of Taylor was to NOT force her and give her plenty of time to settle down. For a while we just sat and got to know each other, then I introduced the camera to her and let her have a sniff and gave her a couple of treats. The next step was to take a few shots so that Taylor could hear the sounds the camera makes and again give her some treats if she didn’t walk away. Finally I put it up in front of my face and took some images that way and we rewarded her when she did well. For Taylor we used a very special treat of ham, something she doesn’t usually get, this helped her to connect getting her photo taken with a very yummy treat.

The work paid off and I got some great images of Taylor and Jett.

Posted on July 2, 2013

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A yummy Puddin

This is Puddin, a gorgeous puppy Spoodle. Puddin was full of life and was very playful, we got some lovely photos of her as you can see and she was so much fun to photograph.

Her beautiful chocolate coat was a lovely contrast to the white background, and even though her eyes are also brown, using the flash makes sure they don’t get lost among her fur.

Posted on February 21, 2011

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I love It! Guarantee

We are pleased to announce that we now offer a guarantee to all our clients that they will love their images. The I Love It! guarantee gives customers the satisfaction of knowing we will get a photo of their pet that is what they wanted.  This is our way of saying we want our customers to be as happy with their images as we are.

After a photo shoot, clients view their images and if they cannot find an image they love, then we will offer them a another sitting free of charge.

We are also offering another initiative for established clients – a referral system. Any client that refers a friend or family member will receive a gift if that referral becomes a booking. The more you refer the more you get back. This initiative is to show clients we appreciate it when they tell their friends and family about us.

Also out at the moment is our September quarter newsletter, to read the newsletter go to http://www.creaturefocus.com.au/newsletters

Posted on September 29, 2010

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