December Featured Pet – Abbey

When I put the word out for our December Featured Pet, I asked people to send a Christmas themed image. I thought there would only be dogs in cute little outfits, but Abbey came along wrapped up in tinsel.Abbey

Abbey is a 4-year-old cream and white Birman, who is sweet as pie. Abbey is gentle, calm and very affectionate and loves nothing more than curling up on the end of her Mum’s bed or rolling around in the sun.

Her other favourite past time is to hang out with her sister Roxie and to just be with whichever human is the closest.

As Mum Gerogia puts it “My family couldn’t ask for a better cat. I am so lucky to Abbey as a pet”.

I’m sure Abbey feels the same way about her humans.

Posted on December 11, 2013

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November Featured Pet – Ruby

Ruby has many superpowers, like giving the best cuddles in the world, sitting on the back of the couch like a cat and the ability to run up a slide and then sliding back down. Being a superdog means that she is determined too and loves to do as she pleasesRuby.

Mum Natalie first met Ruby when she was only two weeks old at the Breeders. Natalie knew that she wanted a female Curly Coat Retriever and Ruby snuggled into her chest and made loads of cute noises. Ruby sealed the deal by peeing on Natalie – a sign is a sign and you can’t ignore that.

Ruby’s favourite thing to do is run, it could be running to explore something, running at the beach or at the off lead park or just running around the house with an empty bottle or her fav toy Duckie. The only one area that superdog Ruby has yet to perfect is getting the cats to love her, no doubt this will come with time.

Her best superpower is the love she gives Mum: “I can get lost for ages just being with her and forget about all the craziness in this world”.

Posted on November 15, 2013

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Helping Animals in Need

In Australia around 40 per cent of dogs and 80 per cent of cats that enter pounds and shelters are euthanised because forever homes can’t be found for them.*


Ketsia was photographed for Siberian Husky Rescue

Animal welfare organisations work tirelessly to help animals in need and many keep their dogs, cats and other animals for as long as it takes for them to be adopted.

At Creature Focus we work with a couple of these organisations by professionally photographing their animals to increase their chances of being adopted.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all that they do, in particular those that we work with: Animal Aid, Beagle Rescue Victoria, Stafford Rescue Victoria and Siberian Husky Rescue. And of course we are currently working on our Dogs of Melbourne book which is helping care for foster animals at Melbourne Animal Rescue.

If you are interested in adopting a new pet, visit



Posted on September 23, 2013

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September Featured Pet – Maggie & Chloe

Maggie and Chloe have a wonderful life. They have a human Mum and Dad that adore them and a human sister to spoil and care for them.

Maggie chose her family by bounding up to Dad with a huge smile on her face that he could not resist, she has since grown to be a loving member of the family and self-described protector, ensuring everyone is safe, even from the dog groomerCreatureFocus_Logo frame copy. As a Border Collie she loves to play and run with a ball (even though she is 12 and now has a arthritis) and of course herding is a big part of a Border Collie’s life, so there were many days of herding the family cat Snowball around the backyard. At night Maggie settles down beside Angela’s bed, to again play the protector.

Chloe on the other hand was the last puppy left in her litter and so Angela and her dad could not possibly leave without her, even though Mum had said ‘Don’t bring home any more animals’. Luckily when hey walked through the front door Chloe used all her charm and Mum fell in love straight away.  Chloe is a little more timid than her fur-sibling; she’s scared of umbrellas, brushes and anything that makes a noise. She also seems to have an issue with the bees and even though she has been stung a couple of times, she just can’t resist sticking her nose in again and again. While Maggie settles down to protect the family, Chloe, the princess, will go into her Mum and Dad’s room, where she has her own basket of toys to play with and must have the TV tuned to one of her two fav shows – Will & Grace or Escape to the Country.

The one thing Maggie and Chloe both share is a love of family. About Maggie, Angela says “I love the fact of how strong Maggie is, she is a fighter. She will always be my best friend.” And of Chloe “I am so glad to have her in my life, she always cheers my up when I am down and always makes me laugh with her princess ways.”

Posted on August 29, 2013

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July Featured Pet – Gracie & Dixie

Gracie and Dixie are two lovely little Griffons who love nothing more than a walk in the park and a drive in the car. Mum Fiona has had Gracie since she was a pup and Dixie only for a couple of months and the two of them are great friends.photo_de Lacy

Both are three years old and love their Mum Fiona so much they compete for her attention. When Fiona comes home Dixie jumps up to greet her, Gracie will then nip at Dixie’s beard and furry legs.

And the competition doesn’t stop there. They both love to fight over Fiona’s lap, and Fiona has had to install a doggy gate just to get a minute to herself. But she wouldn’t be without them.

“I just love them to pieces. They love me and I love them like my kids. They make us laugh everyday. We get so much enjoyment from their cuddles and Dixie’s very wet beard kisses,” says Fiona.

Posted on July 23, 2013

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Photographing shy dogs

Occasionally I get a dog in my studio that is camera shy. By that I mean that when I lift my camera up in front of my face they turn or duck away. This was the case recently with a beautiful Kelpie, Taylor.

Taylor and her kelpie cross brother Jett come into the studio to have their photo taken together and with Mum and Dad. Jett was very happy to pose for the camera and gave me his best zoolander faces time and time again. However Taylor was very shy of the camera and every time I lifted the camera up she would walk away. Her owner, Melissa, said that she also did this at home.Jett & Taylor

At the top of my list of things to do to try and get a nice shot of Taylor was to NOT force her and give her plenty of time to settle down. For a while we just sat and got to know each other, then I introduced the camera to her and let her have a sniff and gave her a couple of treats. The next step was to take a few shots so that Taylor could hear the sounds the camera makes and again give her some treats if she didn’t walk away. Finally I put it up in front of my face and took some images that way and we rewarded her when she did well. For Taylor we used a very special treat of ham, something she doesn’t usually get, this helped her to connect getting her photo taken with a very yummy treat.

The work paid off and I got some great images of Taylor and Jett.

Posted on July 2, 2013

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June Featured Pet – Oscar

‘Oscar poked his paw out of his cage, climbed the door, jumped out and chose me’, says owner Robyn when she visited the Save a Dog – Save a Cat rescue centre six years ago. No-one knew how Oscar had ended up there, but Oscar knew that he wanted to go home with Robyn.

Oscar will be 7 in August and is a chatty, loving and easy going boy who loves to play, climb and, as his picture shows, bask in the warmth of the sun. CreatureFocus_Logo frame copyOscar can be funny and is an avid Hawthorn supporter.

‘Occasionally he can be wicked’, says Robyn.

‘When he wants to get my attention he will walk across the TV, sit in front of it and then attempt to hide behind the back of it as he knows he will get a reaction.’

Eighteen months ago, Oscar became sick and at the same time was diagnosed with Chronic Feline Asthma. To manage his condition Oscar has to be on a Ventolin inhaler pump twice a day and to his credit he tolerates this.

At the end of a busy day he waits for Robyn and often waves through the window- he purrs loudly waiting for his dinner.  He is always full of stories and loves to tell Robyn long tales of his day! He is happiest when his dinner bowl is full and he isn’t afraid to help himself if Robyn is too slow to serve him.

And at Christmas time, Oscar and Robyn put together a calendar of which Oscar is the star of course! Oscar is now featured predominately in calendars all across the world!

Posted on June 11, 2013

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Featured Pet – Pippa & Jackson

CreatureFocus_Logo frame copyPippa and Jackson are the fur-kids of Anne and Mike, and couldn’t be more deserving of the good home they have now.

Both are Boxers and rescues. Pippa was rescued when she was 2 years old and had a number of health issues including being underweight, suffering anxiety and arthritis. Anne and Mike spent years giving Pippa treatments and lots of TLC and she is now doing extremely well, especially as she has her best friend Jackson to help.

Jackson was adopted about a year and a half after Pippa in the hope that it would help her anxiety, which it did (except for those pesky thunderstorms). Jackson also had his share of problems with being quite shy and  ducking his head when being patted.

Now Pippa is the serious dog and the boss, but she can sometimes be found to play with a Frisbee or having a game of tug-of-war. Jackson on the other hand is the fun lover, he will chase his tail, bounce when excited and sneak into the Mick and Anne’s bed and get in under the covers whenever he can.

“There is nothing we don’t love about them, they have fantastic personalities, we love seeing the results of now having happy healthy dogs and we love that they have fitted into our family so well” – Anne & Mick.

Posted on May 13, 2013

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The Hooper Family Pet Photography Session

‘I can’t remember, is it ok if we get some family photos with the dogs?’ This was the question that greeted me when I got to the Hooper house on the weekend. ‘Absolutely’ I said and that lead to a quick negotiation with 3-year-old Zoe about putting on a dress – ‘Can you pop on a dress for me?’ ‘No!’, ‘What about your birthday dress’ ‘Yeah!’. With that decision done, the rest of the family donned their finest and finally our two stars – Cavoodles, Jesse and Bella, had their hair fixed and their beautiful ribbons adjusted and the photo session started.

The Hooper family are what photographers (especially those used to dealing with animals) call a dream. The camera loved them all and they did whatever was asked of them, including Jesse and Bella. Zoe and her big brother Zac could be supermodels and I have never met a 3-year-old work the camera so well.

Jesse and Bella, as important members of the family, took centre stage and were gorgeous and a great additions to The Hooper family.


Posted on March 6, 2013

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Pet Photography in Melbourne

Pet’s are part of the family too. These days that is more true than it ever has been, anything you can get for yourself you can be sure you can get for your pet too. From plush hotel accommodation to the latest pet fashions.

In the world of photography there is now a greater number of studios offering pet photography outright or as part of a family shoot with humans. This is a great thing, because it means there is more choice and you can find the type of photographer to suit your style and taste.

In Melbourne there are plenty of great pet photographers to choose from. Most offer location photography and some offer studio as well, it all comes down to what you like and what will suit your home or office.

Whenever looking for a good pet photographer there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Is this their passion, do they do it full time or most of the time.
  • Are they qualified photographers and/or members of a photographic association.
  • Do they have plenty of images to show of different animals (so not the same dog in every image).
  • What do others say about them, do they seem to have a good reputation. Have a look at their Facebook page to see what people have said or check for testimonials.
  • What are they charging. In this respect I don’t mean overcharging, I mean undercharging which is a common problem in photography – like all things you get what you paid for and when you go for the lowest you are likely to find that they are images your cousin Bob could have taken with his camera.
  • Will the session be fun for you and your pet.

Think about why you want to have your pet professionally photographed, is it to have stunning images adorning your walls or is it to have a CD of images you put on your desk and forget about. For me photography has always been about the beautiful print that you can look at every day.

Posted on February 5, 2013

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