October Featured Pet – Franklin and Daisy

Franklin and Daisy are new siblings. Daisy joined the family earlier this year after Franklin’s beautiful brother Toto (17 years old) passed away. Daisy has helped to fill the void left by Toto and she just loves her older brother.CreatureFocus_Logo frame copy

Franklin and Daisy both love to play and the best time of day to do that is just before bed time of course. They also love to go for walks and hang out with Mum and Dad. They also have their individual loves, Franklin loves to have a chat, while Daisy thinks that eating a sock in its entirety is the greatest past time. And while Daisy is the crazy child of the family, Franklin is the more nervous of the two and is afraid to jump up on the couch, often crying until he is picked up and put there!

For Mum Karleen and Dad Ryan, Franklin and Daisy are wonderful companions “Franklin is the most well behaved dog and Daisy brings some excitement to our lives and gives Franklin some energy”, says Karleen.

Posted on October 9, 2013

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June Featured Pet – Oscar

‘Oscar poked his paw out of his cage, climbed the door, jumped out and chose me’, says owner Robyn when she visited the Save a Dog – Save a Cat rescue centre six years ago. No-one knew how Oscar had ended up there, but Oscar knew that he wanted to go home with Robyn.

Oscar will be 7 in August and is a chatty, loving and easy going boy who loves to play, climb and, as his picture shows, bask in the warmth of the sun. CreatureFocus_Logo frame copyOscar can be funny and is an avid Hawthorn supporter.

‘Occasionally he can be wicked’, says Robyn.

‘When he wants to get my attention he will walk across the TV, sit in front of it and then attempt to hide behind the back of it as he knows he will get a reaction.’

Eighteen months ago, Oscar became sick and at the same time was diagnosed with Chronic Feline Asthma. To manage his condition Oscar has to be on a Ventolin inhaler pump twice a day and to his credit he tolerates this.

At the end of a busy day he waits for Robyn and often waves through the window- he purrs loudly waiting for his dinner.  He is always full of stories and loves to tell Robyn long tales of his day! He is happiest when his dinner bowl is full and he isn’t afraid to help himself if Robyn is too slow to serve him.

And at Christmas time, Oscar and Robyn put together a calendar of which Oscar is the star of course! Oscar is now featured predominately in calendars all across the world!

Posted on June 11, 2013

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Ollie & Oscar

Let me introduce you to two of the cheekiest (but also cutest) pups I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. This is Ollie the Pug and Oscar the Chihuahua x Pomeranian.

Oscar loves anything that is or looks like a ball so when I pulled out Monkey, my trusty squeaky toy, there was no stopping him, he had to have it. If I tried to hide it, he was too clever and would be able to find it. In the end it became his reward for sitting and posing like a superstar. And little Ollie, he just wanted whatever Oscar had and spent the whole time just following Oscar around in the hope of playing with him.

I did manage to get some lovely serene images of them in between all the chaos. A big thank you to Leanne and her kids for letting me come out and photograph these two rascals.



Posted on January 23, 2013

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Beagle Rescue Victoria and HeARTs Speak

It’s been a while since my last post here at the Creature Focus blog, my apologies I hope this very special blog might make up for it.

Abby and Macy

Meet Abby and Macy from Beagle Rescue Victoria.

On the weekend, I had the wonderful job of photographing two beagle sisters called Abby and Macy. These two sisters are inseparable and if one is taken away the other one will cry for her, they just love each other to bits. Even though they are twins and very close, they have quite different personalities one is a smoocher and would do anything for a belly rub and the other is quite shy, but both are very friendly.

Abby and Macy are currently being cared for by foster parents and are available for adoption through Beagle Rescue Victoria – www.beaglerescuevic.org you can also find their profile at Pet Rescue – www.petrescue.com.au.

As well as the great job of photographing rescued Beagles, I have also been accepted as a member to HeARTs Speak. As noted on their website ‘HeARTs Speak was created to harness the power of art to effect social change, to connect artists with shelters and animal relief organizations, and ultimately, to save and better the lives of animals and people.’ This is a great organisation that supports animal welfare and photographers like myself who support animals in need. Please do have a look at www.heartsspeak.org

Posted on February 13, 2012

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New Website

Creature Focus has just launched it’s new look website. Apart from the new design, there are a couple of added features, such as a contact form on the contact us page and a subscribe to our newsletter spot.

I have also updated the studio and on location galleries, so if I photographed your dog in the last six months or so, go and have a look as they may now be featured.  I hope to be able to update the galleries fairly regularly to showcase new images as they come.

The other great feature is this blog, which I will update regularly with news and client photos, and if you would like to make any comments please do so as I would love to hear from you and I would be happy to answer any queries. You can also contact me through Twitter and Facebook by following the links on the homepage.

I hope you enjoy the new website and I’ll be in touch soon.

Posted on August 9, 2010

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