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Want to know how to apply insecticides around your home yourself? This video will show you how! One of the most common treatments pest control companies perform is the general insecticide spray treatment around the parameter of the home. This treatment is meant to kill most of the insect pests that crawl into your home.

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99% of the insect pests that come into your home can be prevented with this exterior insecticide spray treatment. Most pest control companies will charge around per application for this treatment, when you can buy the EXACT SAME products they use and do it yourself for around per application. That’s a lot of money back in your pocket and this treatment is extremely easy to do yourself.

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0:09 How to Inspect Your Home for Pests
0:59 How to Mix Insecticide In & Use a Sprayer
01:53 How to Spray the Perimeter of Your Home to Treat Pests
02:23 How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Treatment
03:43 Pest Control Application Tips
4:22 How to do Indoor Pest Control Treatments
4:45 Where to Spray Indoors for Pests
5:08 How to Use Insecticide Dust
6:32 How to Place Glueboard Monitors

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