Hi I’m Anna,

And I love all animals, from big polar bears to cute little ringtail possums (I rescued one recently, too cute!!!).

I have two very gorgeous fur-kids, Lik the cat and Archie the dog. Both are rescues and I would love for them to be besties, so that we could all hang out together. Unfortunately Archie cannot resist a chase and Lik is a great runner.

As well as being animal mad I also love hanging with my spunky man Michael and our friends and family. I also love to swim, walk The Barchie (Archie’s nickname) and trying new stuff. One of my biggest weaknesses is my love of ‘end of the world’ movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and epic films like Resident Evil (all of them), Deep Impact, The Day After Tomorrow and of course the end of the world film that has it all 2012. If it has a natural disaster or zombies in it, you can be assured I have seen it or will be asking where I can go to see it!

I am also super lucky because my day job involves me playing, hugging and photographing pets. My job has also given me the opportunity to travel to some far-flung places like the Norwegian Arctic where I photographed polar bears, arctic foxes, caribou (reindeer) and millions of birds (I’m not joking, it was mating season and there were birds everywhere!).

As animals are my life, my life motto is if my dog likes you then you must be cool.